Our approach

We’re not unique snowflakes, but our approach might just be. By combining world-class analytical and technical capabilities, with the business savvy minds of our consultants, we’re able to deliver where others fall short.

One of the top challenges for IT management is the fast changing nature of the digital landscape and ensuring the business has a coherent strategy in place that encompasses everything from finding the right digital technology partners, exploiting advances in digital to enable the business to create more customer value hence profitability along with having sufficient resources to support digital transformation and integration.

We typically work in four phases, 1) we advise about how the customer’s organisation can leverage the use of their online channels, based on a facts report on how the organisations existing channels are performing ‘as is’. This will provide an hypothesis about possible areas to improve based on the organisations existing business model and KPI’s. At step 2) based on the status report and decisions on what to improve (to-be), we go into prototyping and a GO/NO-GO process. If recommended, we move forward to step 3) which is implementation. We work agile and with colocation, which means we can provide full teams or specific resources which fits into the customer’s organisation. Finally, 4) we also give 24/7 support to the solutions we have developed and implemented.

Being a small team helps us to be big in culture, ambition and collaboration. Less power points, bureaucracy and prestige means we can pack a bigger punch with less resources. 

We call it the Addition way (clever, yes?), and you can read more about it.