Our approach

Addition is a digital consulting company, and we offer the kind of talent and experience that will ensure you a successful journey through your company's digital transformation. We can provide a range of up-to-date solutions to tackle the digital challenges that your business faces now and in the future.

All our customers are unique like snowflakes - we are here to make you grow. By combining world-class analytical and technical capabilities with the business savvy minds of our consultants, we’re able to deliver where others fall short.

The Addition way - it is not our team but your team!

We typically deliver in four phases:

1) We advise you on how your organisation can leverage the use of your online channels based on a facts report on how the organisation's existing channels are performing ‘as is’. This will provide a hypothesis about possible areas of improvement based on the organisation's existing business model and KPIs.

2) Based on the status report and decisions on what to improve (to-be) we go into prototyping and a GO/NO-GO process.

3) If recommended, we move forward into implementation. Our work is agile and with colocation, which means we can provide full teams or specific resources that fit into your organisation.

4) Finally, we also provide support for the solutions we have developed and implemented.