The Addition way

If you're looking to become an Additioner, here's what to expect

In Addition, it’s not only okay to be nerdy in your field - it's praised. Our culture is open to a good technical discussion and we welcome any constructive feedback that can make our solutions best-in-class. We could go so far as to say that we suffer from professional pride.

We have offices in Denmark (HQ) and Romania, but we make a great deal out of standing as a unity. This is only possible because we have a genuine interest in getting to know each other and spending time together. And the geographical distance is made smaller with online meetings, social updates and physical visits such as our yearly kickoff.

One of the key benefits of working with us is definitely our social scene. Our Chief Happiness Officer (you heard right, this is a thing), takes care of us with Friday breakfasts, lunch preparation and frequent wine tastings or Friday bars, where the stakes are high in beer pong or table football. We also host regular board game nights, so bring your best game if you dare.


Don’t see something that matches your profile? Don’t sweat it, we also accept unsolicited applications. All you have to do is to forward us your CV, references and tell us why we’d be a match made in heaven.

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The Additioners

A career is not only about the job, it’s very much about the people too. If you’re thinking about joining us, you might want to know who’s working here.

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