The client

Coop amba

Combining social responsibility with member engagement

Coop amba is an organisation run as a cooperative association by its members. The organisation is probably most known for Coop Danmark, Denmark’s largest grocery shop company, including chains as Fakta, Brugsen and Irma.

Coop amba is a frontrunner in corporate social responsibility and decided to launch a new responsible initiative focusing on the environment. As part of this initiative, Coop amba needed a campaign site, where members could engage with the campaign and learn more about its related activities.


Coop amba is a large organisation with many stakeholder interests, so throughout the project, it was vital to have all key stakeholder on board and ensure that the campaign was communicating the right message at the right time. This called for a flexible project team, who could easily adapt to the changing requirements.


Because the campaign was marked by hard deadlines with corresponding media spends, Addition kept a daily close dialogue with the Coop project team to ensure progress and solve roadblocks swiftly. As the project scope changed along the way, we paid special attention to documenting the deliveries in physical meetings and weekly status updates.


The campaign site was successfully launched in October 2019, and within a week from launch, Coop amba’s target for planned sign-ups for the campaign was surpassed. As the site was built with flexible and easily adjustable modules, Coop could adapt the site after the sign-up period ended and keep engaging its members.

Key features

Reducing spam with zero user friction

A main functionality on the campaign site was a sign-up form with integration to the email marketing platform Apsis. As we all know, nothing is more annoying than email spam, so Addition implemented the Google service reCAPTCHA on the site to protect it from spam. Previously, this would resolve in friction for the user, because the user would have to take a Turing test before submitting the form, but with the new reCAPTCHA v.3, which runs an automated scoring of the user behaviour in the background, users were left with zero friction and Coop with zero spam. We call this a win-win situation.

Coop case spam protection


Consulting director

Christian Jacobsen

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