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Making building project estimation easier for a varying customer group through a single page application mobile app

Etex is an international building material company with more than 14,000 employees operating in 42 different countries. Etex creates and sells building solutions to different customer groups including architects, builders, distributors, specifiers, and homeowners.

Etex wanted a tool to make building processes easier for customers; a tool, which could be implemented without making major organisational changes.


Making estimating accurate, easy and more transparent to potential customers of the Cedral brand required a tool that was able to calculate and generate an exportable picking list of Cedral building materials. The picking list includes all materials including profiles, screws, accessories and tools needed while taking into account differences in markets, weather conditions, building characteristics and different uses of materials.


Addition developed the calculator as a SPA (Single page application) on standard Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. The calculator makes accurate calculations of building materials using product data from an ERP system transformed and imported into the existing PIM (Product Information Management) system. This way, Etex can continue without any changes to their organisational procedures.


The Cedral calculator makes it easy for customers to order and pay for the materials based on the picking list, which has reduced the need for customer service support. The internal implementation was supported by Addition with campaign material such as print material, text message activation services and digital tracking. The Cedral calculator is seen as one of Etex’s most important digital launches in 2019.

Key features

Supporting customer with calculations globally

Because of the positive results, the calculator has been rolled out globally with modifications to fit different markets. The modifications include language and colour variations, incorporation of country-specific building styles and regulatory requirements, as well as differences in wastage calculation and use of profiles and trims.


Success in numbers


Calculations on the first 12 weeks after a soft launch in just one market


Launched in 16 markets


Business consultant

Hans Thiesen

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