The client

ISS World Services

ISS World Services is one of the leading facility services companies operating worldwide. In order for ISS to be the world’s greatest service organisation, ISS needs to be able to document that its more than 550,000 employees follow regulatory compliance.

To accomplish this, ISS needed a system to manage and maintain thousands of global and local operational processes with specific procedures for each and every location in which the organisation operates.


Due to global activities, ISS is faced with a vast number of local contracts, procedures and regulations. A new platform was needed in order to systematise ISS’ process descriptions and ensure that up-to-date versions were available to all employees globally with easy access from a digital device. It was critical to develop a solution and architecture, which could support scalability and changing, complex business rules.   


Addition developed an Operational Process Framework System (OPF) on standard Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. The OPF is a process and compliance system used as the epicentre of documentation, training, support, and optimization in ISS. Weekly project meetings with ISS ensured a close dialogue through which Addition could attain a clear understanding of ISS’ needs in preparation for the development of new features.


The OPF is developed as a SPA (single page application), but to make the solution available for blue-collar workers, it is topped with a progressive web app (a mobile-enabled non-native app). With the OPF solution, ISS is expected to gain an increase in on-time-reviews, customer satisfaction, profitability as well as higher employee satisfaction due to system flexibility and the user-friendly interface working across all devices.


Success in numbers


The OPF is used in 60 different countries


Process owners are using the OPF to manage, maintain, and create processes


Tools and templates have been downloaded


Global processes and local variants have been created


Consulting director

Christian Jacobsen

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