The client

Petersen Tegl

Petersen Tegl is a Danish brickworks company, which manufactures and sells bricks worldwide. Petersen Tegl offers a large variety of bricks, including custom handmade bricks - and has award-winning products within the product range. Petersen Tegl has used Umbraco as a website platform for 14 years and updated it 6 times in total, but this time, the site needed a proper brush-up in order for it to reflect the supreme quality of the products and business.

Petersen Tegl had the vision to visualise the products better, so it would be easier for potential customers to picture the countless ways to utilise their craftsmanship, but the old solution was not the right choice to support this vision, and an upgrade was needed.


Petersen Tegl wanted a timely website to allow them to emphasise their originality and long history of quality products. A great way to display images while ensuring high performance of the site was crucial to the client. It was furthermore important that the website appeared professional and still emphasised the Petersen Tegl identity.


High quality and a beautiful design were the first priorities in this project. The project had a flexible deadline, and the client was highly involved in the entire process where quality was prioritised over a timeframe. These elements entailed a dynamic dialogue and made it possible to onboard the client team internally along the way.


Addition developed the website a new Umbraco v.7 installation. The website focuses on storytelling and inspiration with the optimised image gallery inspired by Pinterest. The user-friendliness and the mobile experience have been improved too, and Addition has delivered an online dashboard where Petersen Tegl can monitor and understand its online traffic.


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