The client


Making course sign-ups a better experience for participants and internal administration

Pharmakon - an educational centre for pharmaceutical practice - wanted a new and redesigned website with the main purpose of allowing course participants to easily sign up for educational courses at the centre. Using React (a JavaScript library for building UI), Addition was able to create a frictionless user-experience in the signup-flow.

All signup data was to be synchronised with Pharmakon’s Course Administration System (‘KAS’) via an API integration between KAS and Umbraco, so the internal administration unit could ensure high data quality and smooth handling of sign-ups.


The Course Administration System is developed and maintained by a 3rd party supplier, so ensuring that Pharmakon’s vision with the website was technically attainable required extensive specification and communication between several parties - including the design agency - to ensure that all parameters were stored correctly in the database.


The project was run based on Scrum principles during the majority of the project. The client appointed a product owner, who was in close dialogue with the Scrum master and team in making decisions about the backlog and upcoming sprints. Towards the end of the project, it was agreed to work with fixed tasks for the remaining period to prepare for content migration and launch


In May 2019, Pharmakon successfully launched the course site. The sign-up flow, which was a business-critical feature, made it easy for course participants to sign up for different course types in a variety of ways based on their preference for payment, overnight stays etc. The integration to the course database made the handling of sing-ups easy for Pharmakon’s course secretaries.

Key features

Enabling course participants to easily navigate the site and find relevant courses in their field

This was made possible through 3 filtering options, sorting based on popularity, date or alphabetical order, and an improved search to look up not only course names but also course IDs, teachers and publications.


Digital project manager

Rikke Holten Lützhøft

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