The client

Scandinavian Tobacco Group

Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG) is a world-leading manufacturer of cigars and pipe tobacco and has a portfolio of more than 200 brands.

In order to present STG’s annual report 2018, Addition developed and implemented a well-performing, animated landing page, which included tracking setup and dashboard.


Timeliness was a key priority in this project with a hard, fixed deadline on the date when the annual report went public. Addition was dependent on STG to deliver content to a 3rd party design agency, on whom Addition was also dependent in terms of the delivery of the web design; all of this was required to effectively initiate development.


The project was run partly agile, partly waterfall since the activities were defined, but flexibility was required due to many dependencies. Addition included considerable buffer time in all phases of the project to minimise the risk of delayed deliveries. With timeliness as a crucial factor, we utilized developers with client know-how and made thorough specifications early in the process to minimise last-minute iterations.


Addition delivered an HTML5 and CSS3 compliant landing page with a tracking setup on STG’s existing Sitecore solution. The landing page was developed using the fastest native browser technologies, including native JS, to ensure the quickest possible performance and to support smooth animation behaviour. We also delivered an online dashboard in DataStudio with a visual presentation of key numbers and figures.


Success in numbers


Unique visitors the first month from launch


Conversion rate the first month after launch (Mar-Apr)


Conversion rate the second month after launch (Apr-May)


Digital project manager

Rikke Holten Lützhøft

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