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This policy describes the use of cookies on our website If you do not agree to the terms described in this policy, you can always choose not to use the website and delete the cookies. 

What is a (non-edible) cookie?

It’s a small data file saved on your device. Contrary to an edible cookie, you can be sure it doesn’t contain harmful viruses - or programs for that matter. 

Why does the website have cookies if you can’t eat them?

We use them to make sure that the website functions properly, but even more so to make your visit nice and smooth by showing you relevant content. Our smart digital insights consultants and developers also use the knowledge we gather from cookies to continuously optimise the site. 

What type of cookies are saved on my device?

When you visit our site, we save the following cookies on your device:

  • Google Tag Manager (provided by Google Inc.) to enable us a) to perform statistical analyses of e.g. the number of visitors, information on location, interests and the like, to learn about our visitors; and b) to improve the website friendliness and usability, e.g. on the basis of website traffic measurements.
  • ARRAffinity (“Application Request Routing” provided by Microsoft) to connect an active session with a specific server. In case the user accesses a new server, this will be considered a new session, and data will not be transferred. 
  • Facebook (provided by Facebook, Inc.) to identify users logged in to Facebook for the purpose of sharing content on Facebook (only when you are logged in to Facebook when visiting our website and only when clicking the Facebook button).
  • LinkedIn (provided by LinkedIn Corp.) to enable the "follow" and "share" features of LinkedIn (only when you are logged in to LinkedIn when visiting our website and only when clicking the LinkedIn button).
  • ASP.NET_SessionId to allow HTTP requests to be linked to server-side session data. Keeps track of which inquiries that are associated with a unique visitor. Always created if cookies are not disabled in the web browser and are required in order for the website to function normally. Does not contain any personal data and is not used to collect information. Expires automatically when you close the web browser (session cookie).
  • cookieconsent_status to keep track of your cookie consent

How long do we save cookies?

As a wise developer once said: It depends… 

Session cookies are only saved during an active browser session, but other cookies may be saved for longer. The duration will depend on the last date of your visit, but when the cookies expire they will automatically be deleted from your device. 

Rejecting or deleting cookies

If you get tired of cookies, you can actually reject or delete them in your browser settings. Depending on your device and browser, there are different ways to do this. Remember, Google is your friend and can help you find many excellent guides on the subject. Just be aware that rejecting or deleting cookies can impact your use of the website and some functions might not work as intended if you do so. 

Contact information

Wow, all that talking about cookies really made us hungry! We’ll leave you here, but should you have any questions or comments related to this policy, you can reach out to us at

Last updated November 2019