Decoupled Architecture


How decoupling systems can benefit your digital process

A typical modern company relies on 4-10 systems communicating across 2-6 channels. Your number of possible integration points just keeps growing - and so do the costs. Sounds familiar? Then keep reading. Because this is how decoupling systems can solve your digital challenges.

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Best CMS vendor 2018


Denmark's best CMS vendor 2018

As part of its yearly Top 100 Magazine publication, Computerworld has announced that Addition is elected the Best CMS vendor in Denmark 2018.

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Google analytics data


If Google deleted all your GA data

Few are aware of the fact that collecting personally identifiable information (PII) and data poses a high risk to your data in Google Analytics. It's actually one of the worst things that can happen: you might end up performing an illegal action without knowing it.

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YNDLINGS.dk nominated for innovation award

Addition has been a trusted partner throughout the strategising and the implementation of the platform.

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