One of the biggest challenges for top management is the fast changing nature of the digital landscape and ensuring the business has a coherent strategy in place that encompasses everything from finding the right digital technology partners, exploiting advances in digital to enable the business to create more customer value hence profitability along with having sufficient resources to support digital transformation and integration.

What you gain by working with us

  • Improvement in time to market
  • Certainty of effect, deliverance and quality - 'Addition have tried it before and know how to do it'
  • Solutions to specific problems
  • Flexibility and predictability
  • Effects and results
  • A broader holistic perspective
  • Access to talent corporate can't attract


Consultancy and advisory
Digital execution isn’t just about creating a new fancy app, a new shiny website or producing cool viral campaigns. It’s about creating value to you as a customer. As consultants we work side by side with you and your team to determine your digital opportunities and the case for change. 

Service design - User Experience
Addition helps you map out target groups and translate what matters for them into actionable personas and branded experience guidelines – to guide innovation, technology, product development and communication along the entire customer journey. 

Project Management
Project management is an key element of running a successful online project as it ensures proper expectations are set around what can be delivered, by when, and for how much. Our Project Managers work typically onsite at customers as part of the development team. Depending on size and complexity of your digital project, we are able to provide the specific project management skills needed for you to execute in your existing context.

We provide you with an experienced frontend team with the capabilities to provide both standard solutions and advanced tailormade solutions based on the most modern frameworks (AngularJS, Vue, etc.) following industry standards. Using continuous integration systems to test, validate and build our solutions, is also a part of our frontend work process.

Our team of highly educated senior developers are specialized in Umbraco and Sitecore platforms. The team thrives on big challenges, results, quality, and agility.

Digital Insights and Marketing
Your digital marketing capabilities are essential in order to create success online. At Addition we have a dedicated team working with Web Analytics, Conversion Optimization, SEO and PPC. We always think 360 degree online marketing with a strong focus on the bottom line and your KPIs. This is why our team always has their eye on even the smallest details and deviations at your online activities, as these can have an huge impact on your customer’s experience online, and your bottom line.

Maintenance & support
Technology can get complicated! We recognize that implementation is only the start of the journey. Platform maintenance is a fundamental requirement in the 24/7 digital world that never sleeps.  All depending on your business' needs, we can offer you various packages of maintenance and support, covering almost every aspect from basic performance optimizing and monitoring to more advanced packages covering extended reporting, editor brush-up and SEO advice.