Digital insights

Web and data analytics

There is a saying, whatever is worth doing is worth measuring. And you’ve already invested in developing a new website or an app, so wouldn’t it be nice to also know if your users are using it as intended - and if not, perhaps figuring out why. Get real-time data of your users behavior and understand what is working, so you can innovate and improve products faster and with greater success.

Conversion rate optimisation

Forget about the orange CTA button, and forget about micro-optimizing single pages. Instead, focus on understanding what drives, stops and creates value for your users so you can provide them with the best experience possible. Give your users what they need. That is what conversion rate optimisation is all about. Really.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Most online experiences start with a search. So those search results matter. You want to be up there on those first lines of text. To get there that process is called crawling, indexing and ranking. So, if you help Google (or other search engines) to easily access the information on your website, they will reward you with more traffic.

Paid traffic

Organic vs. paid traffic? A commonly asked question, and unfortunately the answer is: it depends on the context. Free stuff is always great! We know. But where paid traffic really gets interesting is when it is done correctly. With ads, you can target users with content relevant for exactly their current needs.

MarTech maturity

The digital landscape is a jungle and the most effective path is not always straightforward. Have your own experts from Addition become a part of your team to clear the path and guide the way. Let us help you and your team to understand which actions to take to create a strong data-centric organisation that delivers measurable results.


Consulting director

Christian Jacobsen

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