Web solutions


Additioners are experienced hands in the business of building a website. We still love building websites using Umbraco or Sitecore, at the same time as we are looking into Headless CMSs or static site generators. We pride ourselves in being pragmatic and to us, a website is a process that starts out with a lot of intensive caring work before it transitions into a platform so stable and transparent that our customers enjoy working with their web content.

Web applications

Today’s web is more of an operating system than a content delivery medium to most of us; we all use web-based applications like Gmail, Trello and Google Maps on a daily basis. Additioners are passionate about building custom web applications for your business needs, and we have extensive experience building Single Page Applications (SPAs) and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Our development philosophy revolves around building well designed Web APIs consumed by React based frontend applications.

Solution architecture

No IT-project succeeds without being based on a well thought out solution architecture. Additions experienced architects work with our own solutions and as architecture consultants for our customers. We have extensive experience with cloud and classic IT architectures and love working towards simple and beautiful architectures that work today as well as tomorrow.

Cloud services

There is a lot of exciting possibilities in cloud based solutions, and these days the cloud has a place in most of our projects. We have experience with everything cloud oriented from Umbraco Cloud-based web sites to custom cloud-first web applications made for hundred of thousands of users across the globe. We are especially passionate about Platform as a Service (PaaS)-based solutions and we love building for tomorrow's needs today.


We specialise in custom-made B2B e-commerce solutions made to support all the ways modern businesses need to interact with their customers online. We see e-commerce not only as an online webshop but as a host of services also including punch-out solutions and branded shops, web-based order APIs, efficient data platforms and message-based order event solutions.



Jesper Hauge


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