Frontend developer Albert Svarre Dolsø
Programming trainee Anders Ganvig
Employees Andrada
System developer Andrada Balint
Employees Andrei
System developer, Sr. Andrei Vleju
Employees Bo
Technical lead Bo Petersen
QA manager Carmen Rus
Employees Christian
Consulting director Christian Jacobsen
Employees Emil
Programming trainee Emil Neirup Jensen
Employees Frederik
Lead frontend developer Frederik Boldsen Bosch
Employees Giorgiana
Solution architect Giorgiana Coldea
Employees Jacob
Frontend developer Jacob Erskov Halland
Employees Jakob
Programme manager, Sr. Jakob Bagterp
Programming trainee Janus Johannes Dam Fleischer
Employees Jesper H
CTO Jesper Hauge
Employees Jesper S
Backend developer, Sr. Jesper Scherling
Employees Johannes
Business Consultant Developer Johannes Holger Greve
Employees Katrine
Marketing assistant Katrine Reinholdt Rasmussen
Employees Kim
Backend developer, Sr. Kim Steen Vangskjær
Employees Kremena
Frontend developer Kremena Dimitrova
Employees Lone
CEO Lone Poulsen
Employees Marc
Frontend developer Marc Bjørn Elsgaard
Employees Max
Chief happiness officer Max Bjørn Pedersen
Employees Michael
Frontend developer Michael Sundø
Employees Mirela
Backend developer Mirela Damian
Employees Rasmus
Digital insights consultant Rasmus Himmelstrup
Employees Rikke
Digital project manager Rikke Holten Lützhøft
Backend developer Sanda Cheudan
Employees Sebastian
Solution architect Sebastian Tecsi
Employees Simon
UX designer, Jr. Simon Bøgedal
Digital insights consultant, Sr. Sina Azarmanesh
Employees Tina
Accountant Tina Dideriksen
Employees Tine
Digital project manager Tine Madsen


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