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At the end of the day, the most important thing is to make you happy and to make your business grow!

We try to make an effort in every case and project no matter the size of the organisation or the complexity of the task. We believe in an open and honest dialogue with you as a customer, also when the going gets tough. Our aim is to provide long-term solutions that suit the needs of the customer. This is why we are not afraid of, continuously asking our customers for input, evaluation or criticism. 

This is what some of our customers say they have obtained from working with our team:

  • My organisation is able to execute in the existing context
  • I get innovation and inspiration versus 'safe hands'
  • I get impact and recommendations to support my decisions within my organisation
  • I get flexibility in 'capacity'

Our Work

We are proud of the solutions we have created with our many customers.

Discover our solutions and find out how we’ve helped leading Danish brands with their digital transformations.



Because of ISS' global existence and continuous developments, the company was in need of a new platform for their website. It should maintain the global visual identity and offer multiple solutions for the countries they operate in.


ISS requirements were to build the digital communication on a shared online platform for their employees. For countries, the focus was on the subsites. The subsites were to be more cost-effective and more agile. For ISS that is a critical factor according to their company needs:

"We are operating in many countries where costs are lower, that’s why we need to offer a solution to an international competitor price."


The solution has been to move from Sharepoint to Sitecore with an implementation of Addition’s Foundation for Sitecore.

Foundation is a multi-site solution and with its elastic functionality, ISS can easily establish new websites and still keep the existing design.

That means faster time-to-market and establishment of online activities so ISS can quick and easily expand their platform with new websites, without consulting from a developer.

“We chose Addition because we needed a partner with documented results in multisite solutions and large-scale content migration. Addition is a partner that shows flexibility and understands our needs to perfection. They have built a robust and scalable solution that matches our vision together with our web strategy.” Søren Grauslund - Global Applications Manager - Group IT ISS World Services A/S


When PFA launched their self-service site Mit PFA in spring 2015, the whole idea was to generate more traffic from their corporate site pfa.dk to Mit PFA. Besides the traffic, the entire website needed a make-over. Data showed how users had some difficulties to find what they were looking for and that created a bad user experience.


When looking at the information architecture and user flows with a mobile-first approach, it became clear how the structure and content should be improved. All unnecessary content was to be removed because of the confusion it created.

A new design was the opportunity to make pages as landing pages, with the purpose of increasing Call-to-Action. It helps the user reach their purpose of visiting the website and has improved PFA’s conversions and their goal settings.

The main goal was to generate the right traffic from pfa.dk to Mit PFA and the outcome was beyond all expectations.


Personalization through the Sitecore Experience Platform. Through split testing and analysed data, the content became more personalized and reinforced the whole user-journey experience.
The goal was reached and the results speak for themselves:

fall in the bounce rate from mobile users
more traffic from pfa.dk to Mit PFA
increased goal achivement through personalized content